Artificial Brain-as-a-Service


New intelligence to understand the human language

KanjuBot features


Distributed through the API

Advanced concept

Deep context and interactions recognition

Learning from
user satisfaction

Self-learning on-the-g

Spiking neural networks

Spiking neurons

Transfer the binary values (1/0) and have excitable nature mimicking biological neural cells

Advantages of spiking neural networks

  • adaptive self-learning

  • reduced energy consumption

  • important signals recognition

  • better sequential data processing

  • online time learning

  • ability to do pro-active actions

KanjuBot engine abilities

Active pattern search

The cortical engine is constantly looking for new knowledge and notions

Selective attention

KanjuBot recognizes the most important part of the message

Source separation

Spiking neurons pick the most valuable information among the noise

Multiple modalities

KanjuBot is able to understand sound, images, and text and get the message

Our technology

Our technology is based on modern advances in neuroscience and state of the art of Deep Learning

Our chatbot advantages

Few shot learning

Needs much fewer examples of training

30% Less integration time

Due to adaptive functioning and less hand-tuning

Better user comprehension

Our bot understands user needs, remembers
tasks and solves them

Our research

Partners and support

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